Is Dyslexia is spiritual?

Dyslexia is not a spiritual thing or effect, according to how society, some parents judge a child who is slow, and unable to meet up with his or her peers academically as being under one sort of demonic attack. So people living with dyslexia are individuals who have special strengths and lots of advantages despite their reading struggle.

Is Dyslexia a disease, and what medication will be needed?

Dyslexia is not a disease and does not require any form of pill or medication. It is a brain condition; the way the brain is wired and how it processes information. Research has shown that the brain can actually be rewired, to process the written word the same way as “good readers” if the individual is taught systematic, explicit sequential phonics taught in multi-sensory ways.

Can an individual living with Dyslexia outgrow it with time?

The fact is that an individual may struggle less with reading and writing than they used to but dyslexia is never outgrowned. There is no cure or magic to dyslexia until a proper educational evaluation is carried out by professionals in that field.

Is Dyslexia Foundation a mental institute?

We are not a mental institute, and also not medically related.

Does Dyslexia Foundation have boarding facilities?

No, we do not have a boarding facility.

Are people living with Dyslexia smart?

Dyslexia actually has no correlation to IQ and many dyslexic students have average to above-average IQ. This misconception creates a major problem:-

Some smart children are often not been identified with dyslexia; here we have parents say that “he/she is so smart, he/she can’t be dyslexic” but on the contrary those smart students are compensating so well it’s actually very hard to tell how a great deal they are struggling. Sometimes this struggle begins to manifest itself as behavioral problems in the classroom or at home because they are trying so hard to hold it all together and they don’t understand why reading/writing is so difficult. Sometimes the brightest students aren’t actually really reading.