Give Your Child the Best Possible Start to Life!

AccelerateRX is a program which will help your child with the beginning skills that build a solid foundation for a better learning. It gives your child an edge and makes them smarter!

You can unlock your child’s potential with our pioneering program, AccelerateRx.

Give your child the ability to fly through school and life with:

  • Sharper thinking skills

  • Better grades

  • Enhanced intelligence

  • Increased processing speed

  • Better memory

  • Improved concentration

Who can we help?

  • Children from age 4

  • Individuals with extreme Cognitive (Learning) weaknesses.

  • Children with speech delay or/and disorder

  • Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I)

Why should you register!

AccelerateRx will help your child build the following skills:

  • Reading Skills

  • Spelling Skills

  • Sensory Motor Integration

  • Arithmetic skills

  • Hand and Brain Coordination

  • and many more...

Proven Results

Our outstanding results speak for themselves, helping your child leave behind struggles for good.

What’s the next step?

Take the first step today and pre-book a cognitive skills assessment to understand your child’s unique learning profile.