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Are you a parent, a teacher, a school owner or an administrator looking for ways to identify and manage the educational needs of a dyslexic child, don't miss out on this opportunity to help equip you in a more informative way. Join us this November by clicking the link below as we explore the world of the dyslexic mind.

As we come to the end of October which is the Dyslexia Awareness Month, join us as we hold an open house for parents and teachers to clear all doubts and misconceptions about Dyslexia.

Past events


3rd National Conference on Dyslexia

As AI takes on more of a teaching role by providing students with basic information, it will change the role of teachers in the classroom.

It’s the 3rd National Conference of #Dyslexia. Meet one of our panelists, Mr Gustaf Öqvist, who is the Co founder of Lexplore as he joins us on the 29th of October via our Zoom Platform in talking about Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technology and The Future of Learning.

Admission is Free, but Registration is Required.

Free Online Webinar for Dyslexia Parents and Children

FREE Online Webinar For Parents

The impact of the pandemic has caused unusual delays and has opened the door to a new way of learning. This new school year, more children would be struggling when they get back to School if nothing is done. Many parents also are left without knowing what to do to prepare their children for this new way of learning. Join us in this free webinar for parents to learning what, and how to prepare your child for the new school year. What you should be doing right now!

Click Here To Book a Space free of charge. Limited spaces available!