Dyslexia Foundation Nigeria

Dyslexia Brain Training

What is Dyslexia Foundation Nigeria?

Dyslexia Foundation Nigeria is a registered social enterprise committed to creating awareness, identification and training on learning challenges (especially dyslexia) to students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in Nigeria.

The Foundation pioneered the first and only comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of dyslexia in Nigeria; has been at the forefront of providing dyslexia remediation through the provision of training and resources for people living with dyslexia, teachers, school administrators, parents, guardians and education stakeholders.

The Foundation also pioneered the first and second National Conference on dyslexia with over 500 participants.

What we've done

At Dyslexia Foundation, we have helped children and adults with this specific learning challenge overcome their difficulties with reading, spelling and comprehension. We have helped people discover their purpose and career path in life. Our programs have helped to boost the self confidence of our clients. We have helped to prepare Students looking to gain admission into Ivy League schools excel in their exams. We have helped to strengthen the weak cognitive skills of individuals with learning challenges. We have helped people with attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get better. Our programs have changed a lot of lives and put smiles on the faces of parents, children and adults.