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An organization dedicated to the identification and remediation of dyslexia

Information for Educators

Being able to identify signs of dyslexia in the education environment is beneficial for both the student and the teacher / tutor. The information contained within the Educators section of this website provides useful hints and tips for Educators of all levels and also students, as well as vital information on access arrangements, screening and assessment.

Information for Parents

As a parent or carer for a child with dyslexia, you want to provide the best possble support for them. The information contained within this section looks at indicators of specific learning difficulties, as well as supporting your child both at home and within the education system to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Information for Parents

Within the employer section of the website you will find information to help with applying for a job, along with employees can help themselves and what the organisation can do to understand and promote support for employees.