Dyslexia Teachers Training

Dyslexia Teachers Training


The October Teachers’ Training Programme 2018 is in furtherance of our mission as Nigeria’s # 1 Dyslexia awareness, training, remediation and support organization. We have been working with parents, teachers and other stakeholders in Nigeria to improve awareness, knowledge and skills on Dyslexia. This October as part of post conference activity, we are responding to the persistent call by teachers to continue the training we started earlier this year on a bigger scale with certification. Consequently, we are organizing this professional training for teachers to build their capacity to work with people with dyslexia.

Goal of the Training

To build the capacity of teachers within mainstream classrooms in primary and secondary schools (public and private) to effectively recognize the signs and symptoms, as well as the techniques for teaching and supporting students with dyslexia.

Objectives of the Training

The specific objectives of the training are as follows:

  • To train teachers to identify early signs of dyslexia in children in public and private schools in Nigeria.
  • To train teachers on the unique and innovative strategies for classroom management where dyslexic children are involved.
  • To train teachers to improve reading and identify barriers to reading and how to correct them.
  • To train teachers on cost-effective techniques for brain exercises for children with dyslexia.

Expected outcomes of the Training

  • Improved knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards people with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia.
  • Increased skills of teachers in dealing with people with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia.
  • Improved learning achievements and outcomes for people with learning disabilities due to improved knowledge and understanding of teachers and school administrators on their specific challenges.
  • Increased school enrollment and completion rates by people with learning challenges especially those with dyslexia as a result of increased opportunities for remediation in schools.
  • Increased access to professional intervention and support

Who Should Attend

  • School Management Board members,
  • Special Education Needs (SEN) and SENCO practitioners
  • School Counselors
  • Career Coaches
  • Private School Owners
  • Staff of Special Education Units and Departments, Ministry of Education
  • Home School teachers and parents

DATE Abuja- October 30-31

Certificates will be issued to participants for attendance and passing the knowledge and skills test.

The training will include the following

  • Understanding dyslexia; Causes and Consequences
  • Signs and symptoms of dyslexia
  • Video analysis of parents’ reactions,
  • Group activities and role-play to ensure that learning is interactive and internalized.
  • Some class room management tips
  • Counseling techniques for dealing with parents of dyslexic children who choose to remain in denial against the backdrop of the prevailing religious and cultural beliefs in Nigeria.
  • The role of assistive technologies in dyslexia management
  • Cognitive interventions and dyslexia remediation
  • Award of certificates to participants upon completion of the post test of the training.

Cost of Training

The cost of this special training is Thirty Thousand Naira (N30, 000).

Method of Payment

All payments can be made here on this website
www.dyslexiafoundation.org.ng/other-payment/ or by direct transfer to
the following accounts:

1. Account Name: Dyslexia Foundation Account #: 0060850417 Bank: Sterling Bank
2. Account Name: Dyslexia Foundation; Account #: 0122648423 Bank: WEMA Bank

For Registration, complete the information on the payment link and pay, or make payment through the means provided and you are automatically booked for the Teachers Training.

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