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Why is my child struggling in school?

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The learning screener is designed to point the way for you to know more about yours child’s learning struggles.



It is harder still not knowing WHY learning is more difficult for some students than others but the answer is not far-fetched: research has shown that

80% of all learning struggles can be attributed to weakness in cognitive (brain) skills.

10% from poor instruction,

5% from sensory defects and,

5% due to motivation.


Many parents are handicap and frustrated not knowing what more to do.

The BrainRx & Dyslexia Foundation Learning Skills Screener points the way for you to know more about your child’s challenges.


After taking this Screener a free consultation and recommendation would be  provided free of charge based on the results from the screener.

So take the first step, complete the free Screener NOW!


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