2020 Teachers’ Training Programme

2020 Teachers’ Training Programme

The teachers training for 2020 is here again! It is in furtherance of our mission as the organization championing the dyslexia awareness, training, remediation and support in Nigeria. We are committed to improve awareness, knowledge and skills on dyslexia and other learning challenges among teachers and other stakeholders in education. From the month of April […]

Summary Of Warning Signs;

• Speech delay • Inability to read at a particular age • Inability to write eligibly • Inability to comprehend a read peace as to answer questions • Taking too long to handle any expected academic work, even small write-ups • Those in work places take too long to carry out or deliver a task

Understanding Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a neurologically condition, often familiar disorder which interferes with acquisition and processing language, varying in degrees of severity. It manifests in difficulty in receptive and expressive language including reading, writing, spelling, hand writing [dysgraphia], comprehension and sometimes attention[ ADHA,ADD]. It is not the lack of motivation, inadequate instructional/ environmental opportunities or other limiting […]